Building unified accounting teams one person at a time

The old-school way of hiring from BPOs can feel a bit... off. Like, it's all about cutting costs and not really about the people doing the work.
Well, at TeamUp, we're shaking things up big time.
We’re proving that putting people first—and ensuring everyone is on the same team regardless of location— isn't just a nice idea—it's the way forward.
That’s why we’re on a mission to turn the whole BPO industry on its head by showing that when you actually care about your team, listen to them, and make them feel like they're really part of something special (which starts in the hiring process), magic happens.
It turns out that when you treat your team well, it is also smart business. Because at the end of the day, happy teams are the ones that stick together and do great work for your clients.

It is time to go beyond “ethical hiring”

Here is the real problem with “ethical hiring.”
Most traditional BPOs in The Philippines hire ethically.
But, when you really dig into the experience of what BPO workers have to deal with on a regular basis, it feels like the BPO workers and their clients are both getting the short end of the deal.
The traditional offshoring BPO model isn’t about team building. It’s only about getting the work done at a cheap price without knowing their names or valuing the individual contributions of your offshore team members.

Here are some examples that are common among BPO workers.

While all of this is technically legal and ethical, the concept of “ethical hiring” feels like a low bar.

At TeamUp, we’re aiming for something deeper than just ticking boxes on an ethics checklist.

We’re advocating for a unified work environment where people are seen, valued, and connected. It's about moving beyond the basic notion of ethics to foster a workplace that feels more human, more engaging, and genuinely supportive.
It’s not just talking about “ethical hiring” as a buzzword. It’s about creating a unified space for global team collaboration where everyone thrives together.
We're setting new standards for what it means to truly look after your team.

Our Hiring Approach

Bringing a People-First approach to global team recruitment

If you want to change the broken BPO system, it all starts with hiring. We're continually learning and refining our process so we can help you not only attract the best talent but also ensure they're a perfect fit for your culture. Here’s what our approach looks like. 

Kick Off
In the intro call, we’ll meet with you to determine your hiring needs and get clear on the specific requirements, skills, and personality traits of your ideal candidate.
We also spend a decent chunk of the call getting to know you, your firm, your culture, and how you interact with your clients.
The reason is, even though we all know we should hire for attitude, for some reason, everyone always skips over that part entirely and hires for skills alone. Our team puts a lot of energy into getting that culture-fit part right.
The goal of this call is to get to know you, learn more about the problems you are solving, and walk you through the process. And while it might seem scary to hire without a BPO, it is actually straightforward, and a lot of accounting firms are doing it now.
Most accounting firms make the mistake of following a standard approach to job postings, which does not stand out and only attracts mediocre candidates.
Instead, at TeamUp, we take the information that you gave us in the kickoff call and use it to craft a personalized job description. Your job description should read like a sales letter to your perfect candidate. It is about presenting a compelling vision for what they’ll do and why they should join your firm.
After all, our goal with this job description is simple. Your perfect candidate should read it and say, read it and say, ‘Oh my gosh, they're talking about me.’ When you can make that connection at the very beginning, you can imagine that person will put a different energy and intention into their application, their interviews, and their work with you. We've seen it over and over.
Forget the “post and pray” approach! Now, we’ll get your job in front of your ideal candidates by posting it to multiple job boards and platforms. We’ll also use professional recruiting tools to do targeted outreach to candidates that match the profiles we’re looking for.
We use a detailed application. Then, we do an interview where we not only look for skills and experience but also for attitude and team/culture fit.
We’ll also do a skills test for the role (bookkeeper, tax prep, senior accountant, etc.).
Throughout this process, you are working with our professional recruiting team, who understand accounting, understand the language, understand what you want, and make each candidate feel good in these screening interviews.
As people start coming through the pipeline and we think they’re a good fit, we’ll set up interviews for you. (Most of our clients interview 3-5 candidates before they decide which one is the best fit.) Then make your hire!

The best part?

There are no ongoing monthly management fees, percentage-based commissions, exit fees, or complicated pricing structures.
Each hire is a one-time flat fee of $4,000 USD. Plus, we offer discounts if you hire multiple people. 
Our goal is to help more accounting firms create global teams that operate as a single, cohesive unit where every member, regardless of their location, feels valued, included, and integral to your success.
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