How We Started

We’re thrilled to help accountants build thriving, global, unified teams. That’s because we’ve done it ourselves, and we’ve seen the impact an elite team of professionals who love what they’re doing has on our clients, our team, and our local community.
When Isaac Smith co-founded his bookkeeping firm, Summit eCommerce Advisors, he had a vision of building a company that could deliver value to clients without him and his partner being involved in the day-to-day work.
In just three years, their team grew from two founders and one bookkeeper to a team of 13 people.
An offshore team in The Philippines.
Their unique recruiting process, focus on culture, and treating people well helped them build a team that is truly world-class.
As the company grew, they discovered that other accounting firms were having trouble finding great staff.
To their great surprise, whenever accountants heard that Isaac had solved the staffing problem, they demanded to know how he did it, and sometimes offered to pay for their help!
It became clear that there was a big problem that he was uniquely suited to solve.  And so, our recruiting service was born.
Isaac's Early Team PhotoIsaac talking at a conference
Shortly thereafter, Meryl and Isaac connected in an online entrepreneurial community they are both in.
Isaac's story resonated with Meryl, who is the founder of Bean Ninjas, an ecommerce accounting firm with a team of 30, including ~20 team members in the Philippines. She had her own BPO horror story dealing with restrictive legal contracts and a hefty exit fee when bringing someone who worked in the BPO they were using fully onto the team.
She knew this wasn't an isolated problem as many accounting firm owners had similar issues both with BPOs and hiring directly in a compliant, cost-effective manner.
This led Meryl to make an initial investment in what Isaac was building. Meryl started referring work. The amount of interest was growing by the day, and at the time, it was still being run under Isaac's bookkeeping brand.
So, Meryl got involved with the rebrand. The two started working together on a new logo and a new website.
That's when TeamUp was born, and it demanded Isaac’s full-time attention.

Isaac has always enjoyed building teams, and he’s thrilled to be focusing full-time on TeamUp.
The momentum continued to grow, which led Meryl to invest more in the business to the point where she joined the team as a part-time brand ambassador role.
The two would meet up in person, along with their lead recruiter, Lala, and soon-to-be second recruiter, Janelle, in Boracay for a team retreat in the fall of 2023.
Team Retreat Photo
So, if you’re an accountant or bookkeeper who is overwhelmed with work...
Or, if you don’t know how to get started building a rockstar accounting team in The Philippines...
You’ve come to the right place.

Our Team

Team - Isaac

Isaac Smith

Portland, Oregon, USA
Snowboarding with his daughter, trying to convince his wife to do outdoorsy things, and he’s learned to appreciate cats.
After eight years as an architect, Isaac decided it was making him miserable.

So, he learned about entrepreneurship, spent several years operating eCommerce businesses, sold one of them, started a podcast, a bookkeeping firm, and now TeamUp (which he swears is his last startup).  

He’s endlessly curious about business and loves to be helpful.
Team - Meryl

Meryl Johnston

Investor & Brand Ambassador
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Surfing her local break, early morning mountain biking, and spending time in the outdoors with her girls.
An entrepreneur at heart, Meryl started her first business while at University. She went into accounting because she wanted to learn the language of business and spent time working in audit at BDO and in in-house finance roles.

It wasn’t long working corporate before Meryl got the itch to go out on her own. She co-founded the cloud bookkeeping firm Bean Ninjas, way before it was cool. An advocate for the accounting industry, she serves as a regional counselor for Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. She also hosts The Lifestyle Accountant Show and regularly speaks at industry events.
Team - Lala

Lala Paiton

Senior Recruiter
Cavite Province, The Philippines
Formula 1, especially Team Ferrari, and doubly especially the young legend, Charles Leclerc, also binging seasons of K-dramas in a single day.
Lala was drawn to recruiting through her degree in Industrial Psychology. Starting with a bang, her first job was helping to launch regional BPO offices from 0 to 800 employees.

She’s worked in finance and healthcare, and in 2022 found her sweet spot in accounting with an invitation from her colleague Janelle. As our first full-time team member, she whipped the early and amateur TeamUp DirectHire service into professional shape.
Team - Janelle

Janelle Tupaz

Senior Recruiter
Cavite Province, The Philippines
Traveling, especially to Hong Kong with her fiancé, sipping craft coffees, she alternates between Netflix and cozying up with a good book.
With her first professional placement, Janelle was hooked on the high of helping someone land a dream job. Listening to career stories and finding that perfect fit was thrilling. For her, it’s a delicious mix of relationships and strategies she learned from her Business Administration degree.

An exciting accomplishment was leading the team that hired 100 people for a new office in just one month. Returning the favor from a few years prior, Lala invited Janelle to join us at TeamUp as our second full-time teammate.

Our Values

TeamUp is our name and also what we do. It also conveniently creates the acronym for our team values.
With a name like TeamUp, of course, we’re a people-first company. We’re on a journey together to make a difference in this world. In fact, our team comes before our clients because, as Richard Branson says - if you take care of your team - they’ll take care of your clients.
We obsess over providing an incredible experience to our clients. We understand what’s important to you, and we focus on delivering on our promises and wowing you.
Agile and Calm
Think yin and yang - agile and calm are two sides of the excellence coin. We move quickly, learn, and iterate. We're capable of great things. At the same time, we run a calm company, which means we plan for the unexpected so that there aren’t constant emergencies and fires to put out.
We’re always seeking feedback and learning and looking to make incremental improvements. The Japanese call this Kaizen. With a culture of radical candor, anyone on the team can feel comfortable sharing feedback or ideas with others with the goal of helping TeamUp grow and develop.


Why TeamUp?

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