As a recruiter of accounting staff in the Philippines, I often get asked the question: “Can I hire a Filipino accountant who understands Australian taxes?”

Happily, the short answer is yes! You can hire a Filipino accountant who understands Australian taxes.

Great, so you have your answer - end of article.

Just kidding! Here’s some more info.

What Can You Expect From a Filipino Accountant?

You can hire a Filipino accountant who understands Australian taxes.

You can also hire a Filipino accountant who has bookkeeping experience and who understands GST and can lodge BAS and IAS.

In the past 3-5 years, their availability has grown from almost non-existent to good, and continues to grow.

Because of the growing demand, Filipino accountants are learning they can build a career and earn more if they learn Australian tax.

They're going through training and getting more experience, and these bookkeepers are now able to offer their services to Australian firms for much less than it would cost to hire a local accountant.

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Filipino Accountant Experience

As it takes time for a population to gain years of experience, the growth of this talent pool is slow.

While it’s relatively easy to find an accountant from the Philippines with 1-2 years’ of experience, it’s more of a challenge to find someone with more than 3 years’ experience. They just weren't doing that work that long ago!

Because experienced talent is hard to find, your best bet is to work with a recruiter with expertise.

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What Other Accounting Tasks Can a Filipino Accountant Do?

What other accounting tasks can a Filipino accountant do?

We've been talking about tax accounting, but what about non-tax accounting and bookkeeping?

If you just need an accountant or a bookkeeper who understands Australian accounting, there's a lot more of them out there!

We know this because at TeamUp this is what we do -

We recruit top tier Filipino talent for accounting firms for a flat fee.

As we're a recruiting agency, not a BPO, there are no ongoing fees and we can connect you with an Employer of Record for payroll and compliance help if you need it.

Confused about BPO vs EOR? Here’s the difference

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PS: Check out the story of this accounting firm owner who went from a 7-day week to a 4-day week thanks to the Filipino employees she hired through TeamUp.

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