Can you hire a Filipino accountant who understands US taxes?  

The short answer is absolutely yes! Here’s what you need to know…

What Can You Expect From a Filipino Accountant?

It’s possible to hire someone in the Philippines who has a degree in accounting, as well as experience with US tax and accounting.

Many have experience doing tax prep for:

  • Federal
  • State
  • Business or individual
  • Sales tax
  • Etc.

They're usually familiar with common tools like Intuit and ATX on the tax side, and there are many more tools on the accounting side they’re able to use.

This image shows tax documents for outsourced tax preparation.

Filipino Accountant Experience

Now, the level of experience that you can find in US tax differs:

One to two years is pretty common.

If you're looking for someone with three or more years, that's a bit challenging to find. They just weren't doing this type of work that long ago.  But they’re out there, and we can find them.

What Are The Limits?

Generally speaking, accountants in the Philippines aren’t experienced in processing with the IRS. While it’s possible to get a UPS CPA for certification from another country like the Philippines, it’s extremely rare.

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This image shows tools used for outsourced tax preparation.

What Other Accounting Tasks Can a Filipino Accountant Do?

We've been talking about tax prep. What about non-tax accounting and bookkeeping?

Well, if you just need an accountant or a bookkeeper - someone who understands your accounting or your CAST division - there are many talented professional Filipino accountants out there who can help.

The Philippines uses GAAP, which means they’re familiar with US accounting practices.  

Plus, you can find a lot of accountants and bookkeepers who have experience with US firms. There are many more of them than those that have experience with US tax.

At TeamUp, this is what we do - we recruit top tier Filipino accounting talent for accounting firms for a flat fee. We're a recruiting agency, not a BPO, so there are no ongoing fees.

Confused about BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) vs EOR (Employer of Record)? Here’s the difference

And if you need help with payroll and compliance, we can connect you with an Employer of Record who can help you.

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