So, you're thinking about hiring an offshore team in the Philippines.

One big question you may have is how to keep your accounting team thriving long after you've brought them on board?

In this blog post, we're diving into the nitty-gritty of building an effective team.

This breaks down into three parts. This article will be focusing on step 3, as we’ve covered step 1 and 2 in previous pieces. However, here’s a recap of what they are:

Step 1: Finding The Right Fit

Finding the right person for the job is your first step.

We've got some awesome articles that dive deep into recruiting, hiring, and finding that perfect match for the job.

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Step 2: Setting Up For Success

Next is onboarding and training. These are key - and something many employers underestimate in terms of the time required.

Our article How To Set Up Your Filipino Accountant for Success will dive into how to go about this.

You really want to make sure your new team member has a strong foundation to succeed.

Step 3: Tips For Leading And Managing Continuously

Now for what this article is about - managing and leading your offshore team.

Managing any team is a big deal - there are whole libraries of books on the subject. I can't cover it all here, but I can give you some fundamental tips that I’ve garnered from my experience.

Let's get into it!

#1 Share Your Vision

Your role as a leader is crucial - it's more than just tasks; you're the visionary.

Sharing that unique and inspiring vision puts you and your staff on the same page.

It unites and motivates, provides direction, encourages innovation, builds trust, fosters accountability, and creates a sense of pride in their work.

A leader explains his vision as part of how to manage offshore team

It's like giving them a roadmap to a common goal, making work more exciting, and helping the team work together effectively.

Make sure your team breathes in your company's vision. Repeat it often and make it part of your DNA.

#2 Explain The Big Picture

Give context to projects and tasks. It helps them to see the meaning in their work, make better decisions, be more creative and innovative and feel more connected to their work and to the team.

By showing each team member how their piece fits into the larger puzzle they’ll be able to better grasp the significance of what they're doing.

#3 Foster Feedback

In a remote setup, especially with a Philippines-based team, create an environment where feedback feels welcome.

For Filipino workers, this isn’t a part of their usual culture, so be patient and open.

Encourage small comments without being overly critical.

#4 Intentional Meetings

Since you don't have water coolers or desks next to each other, be intentional about building relationships.

Have regular team meetings.

Focus on personal connections, not just work.

Also, set up one-on-one meetings with each team member - make it a space for them to be heard.

Although meetings are great for team building, we try to have fewer meetings, but still stay accountable. Find out here how we do it.

A remote Filipino worker. Here's how to manage offshore team

#5 Embrace Video

Using your camera during meetings is non-negotiable. It helps you gauge engagement and connection.

Don't let anyone off the hook for not using video. It's how you ensure everyone's on the same page.

With video, people aren’t just a name on a screen; they’re a real person with feelings and personality.

Video lets you connect on a personal level, building stronger bonds with your work colleagues.

It's like sharing a coffee break, even if you're miles apart.

#6 Performance Reviews With A Twist

Skip the old-school corporate reviews. Most of us have been through them, and may remember how uncomfortable (and often ineffective) they were.

Instead, set clear metrics and values from the get-go where you evaluate your team based on actual performance and alignment with your core values.

Remember, leadership and management are vast topics, but these tips should set you on the right path.

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