At TeamUp, our values are very important to us.

All decisions, whether they're for hiring, choosing what services to provide, what content we create, or how we connect with our audience, are driven by our values.

At TeamUp, we have four core values, and it starts with …


With a name like TeamUp, of course we’re a people-first company. We’re on a journey together to make a difference in this world, and we support each other.

Work should be fun! We create space for laughter and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. In fact our team comes before our clients, because as Richard Branson says - if you take care of your team - they’ll take care of your clients.


Our next value is experience. We obsess over providing an incredible experience to our clients. We understand what’s important to them, and we focus on delivering on our promises and wowing them.

Agile and calm

The next value is a two-for-one - agile and calm. Think yin and yang - agile and calm are two sides of the excellence coin. Quick and tranquil.

We move quickly, learn and iterate. We're capable of great things.

And at the same time we run a calm company, which means we plan for the unexpected so that there aren’t constant emergencies and fires to put out.


Our final value here at TeamUp is mastery - and it goes along with the previous one.

We’re always seeking feedback, learning, and looking to make incremental improvements.

The Japanese call this Kaizen. And I just love that.

We have a culture of radical candor where anyone in the team can feel comfortable sharing feedback or ideas with others with the goal of helping TeamUp grow and develop.

We have a culture of writing and documentation. We love processes and checklists, and by having standard procedures - we can use our brain power for innovation rather than just routine tasks. Now that's the kind of company I want to be a part of!

Did you notice one thing? Our four values create the acronym T.EA.M.?

Why Did We Choose These Values?

That's kind of like asking what's your life purpose?

I often ask my team: “why are we here?”

We have a choice to make. Are we here just to click a few buttons and go home? Or are we here to make a real difference?

As long as we're here, we might as well give it everything we've got!

It truly is an honor to be able to bring opportunity to highly skilled, motivated, incredible people who have everything except the opportunity.

We connect them with an employer so that they can make a real difference in their family and their community.

At the same time, we get to bring talented people to accounting firms who are struggling - struggling to get things done, and serve their clients the way that they want to - in a timely way.

These values reflect who we are - that we're here to do something important with high integrity and be just a little bit better today than we were yesterday.

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Written By
Isaac Smith
Isaac has been building businesses since 2014. He sold an eCommerce business in 2019, co-founded Summit eCommerce Advisors - a bookkeeping and advisory firm, TeamUp - a recruiting business, and hosts the Next Level eCommerce podcast. He lives in the Portland, Oregon area, where he loves snowboarding with his daughter and trying to convince his wife to do outdoorsy things.
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