What’s in a name? Ours in particular … aside from being super cool, of course 😉

In this article I'm going to share why we chose the name TeamUp for our young and growing startup in the accounting space.

Maybe it will even help you in choosing a company name for your new venture!

Below I’ll share the process we took for choosing a name that fits us, conveys what we do, reflects our value AND is easy to say, catchy, and familiar.

Before TeamUp

Naming is no easy task!

People name their pets, their cars, even their plants - but I’ve got to be real with you, I hate naming things!

I even struggled to name my daughter. There's just so much pressure!

So how did we choose TeamUp?

Well, initially we didn't.

You see, I like action.

I figured when I started this business to just get moving and start recruiting for clients.

So we did. For over a year we did the work inside my bookkeeping company, helping accountants who needed it.

We got referrals and the word spread.

When I decided to spin this business out into its own company, I still didn't have a proper name!

But I wanted to quickly get a website up, so we chose the name Remote Accounting Teams.

It was functional, it clearly indicated to clients what we do, and it was good for SEO.

The problem is it was hard to come up with a logo and it didn't really feel like a great name for a start-up.

But you want to know what the worst part was? The acronym - R.A.T!

I just couldn’t tolerate having a company that people were going to call RAT.

This abstract image shows a TeamUp accountant thinking about what to call the company

How We Chose The Name TeamUp

We seriously had to figure out what else to do. The business was gaining traction, and we needed to create a proper brand.

So, we did some brainstorming as a team and noted down all of our ideas onto a giant spreadsheet.

We chose our top three, checked to see what domains were available, and thought a bit about what the logo could look like.

Towards the end of that, we had some bad ideas. Here are some of them…

  • Meet Jasmine
    We felt this would work since we’re in recruiting where you meet people (It didn’t!)
  • Ledger Leaders. That just didn’t fit.
  • Balance bosses. Also a hard no!

Needless to say, there was no more brain power left after that … so I turned to ChatGPT.  

Yes you read that right. I asked AI to help me!

“ChatGTP, help me to create a name for a recruiting business for accountants.”

I gave it some parameters, including that it should be a two-word name that was relevant. I asked for variations using words with “people” in it since we’re a team building and recruitment firm.

We were starting to get a little bit closer. We had Team Focus and Account Source, but it still wasn’t what we were looking for.

Eventually, we chose our top three names:

  • TeamUp
  • TeamWise
  • Fully Staffed

So the cat is out of the bag, TeamUp was actually a ChatGPT suggestion!

The horror, right?

This abstract image shows accountants at TeamUp deciding on what they should call the company

Choosing A Web Domain

After landing on a name, we needed to choose a web domain and get our social accounts.

‘Team up’ is a pretty common phrase that’s been used by many places, so we wondered if we’d be able to get the “TeamUp.com” domain.

We thought we could probably get teamup.co or something else, but we decided we really wanted the ‘dot com’.

We put our heads together and tested out adding a prefix or a suffix to change the URL a bit.

Some of our variations included TeamUpWell.com, TeamUpStrong.com, TeamUpNow.com… you get the picture.

LiftTeamUp.com, BuildTeamUp.com, ScaleTeamUp.com and BuildYourTeamUp.com …

That was just too much!

Eventually we landed on HireTeamUp.com. I think that suits us.

When it was time to register our social media addresses on all the various social platforms, HireTeamUp was also available, which was great!

We then started the process of hiring a designer to create the logo on our website - something I’ll also be writing about on this site.

This image shows an abstract, AI-generate TeamUp accountant with a speech bubble

TeamUp Is What We Do

So after all of that, is there anything we would do differently? Not really. As much as I hate naming things, the process worked pretty well.

Sometimes naming something feels like banging your head against a wall for long stretches of time. But if you go through the process, a gem falls out!

I'm glad we chose a name that we love even if we couldn't get the teamup.com domain.

So that's how and why we chose our name. Maybe it will help you to choose a company name for your new venture.

At TeamUp, we recruit top tier Filipino accounting staff for accounting firms for a flat fee. We're a recruiting agency, not a BPO, so there are no ongoing fees.

And if you need help with the payroll and compliance part, we can connect you with an Employer of Record who can help.

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Written By
Isaac Smith
Isaac has been building businesses since 2014. He sold an eCommerce business in 2019, co-founded Summit eCommerce Advisors - a bookkeeping and advisory firm, TeamUp - a recruiting business, and hosts the Next Level eCommerce podcast. He lives in the Portland, Oregon area, where he loves snowboarding with his daughter and trying to convince his wife to do outdoorsy things.
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